When God came down from Heaven

And decided to make earth

He wanted to make all His creatures

With a Godly worth.

When He created rolling waves

And made the depths of the sea

He added wondrous creatures

For the possibilities.

And when the vastness of the skies

Was done as just a space

He put the eagles wings stretched out

To fill the empty place.

Finally, as days went on, He got around to me.

He added all the things He wanted godliness to be.

But when He looked and saw what was

This empty shell of mine

He knew that one thing lacked in me to help me be divine.

He brought forth one more miracle

And finally, He knew

That the Godliness that is in me

Was brought to life by you.

Larry, you are my love and soul mate.

I love you.

Your wife,


I wrote this for you in the year 2000.  Now you are with God.  Be happy, my love.